Alex, Building Services Engineer Interview

From school leaver to senior member of the team – Alex talks us through his 10 years at Scotch Partners.

Alex Gibson was one of the first employees we welcomed to the Scotch Partners team, joining 6 months after the company started. Having reached his 10 year anniversary last month, we took the opportunity to chat to him to find out more about his journey to where he is today.


Hi Alex, can you talk us through your journey from leaving school to where you are today?

Leaving school, I originally had other interests and was lined up to study a Sports Engineering Degree at university. I decided within 2 weeks of being on the course that it wasn’t for me, so I needed a new plan. Knowing I’ve always had an interest in design and architecture I decided to do some voluntary work at my secondary school until I found the right career path. Luckily, Scotch Partners had posted a job via the school and I decided to apply. Following a few visits to the original Scotch office in St Johns Square, I was grateful to be offered the job.  Starting predominantly on CAD I was heavily involved in a wide range of projects at all design stages (1-4). Scotch then put me through university on day-release to allow me to obtain a BEng Building Services Engineering Degree. Having graduated back in 2018, I am now responsible for a number of projects and developing my management skills alongside my electrical engineering colleagues.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the job that you do today?

I’m a mechanically-biased Building Services Engineer. Day to day I co-ordinate varying levels of design and run technical workshops across an array of projects from commercial offices to life science laboratories. I’m also a Line Manager to junior colleagues.

You recently celebrated your 10th anniversary at Scotch Partners, what has been your biggest highlight from those 10 years?

I wouldn’t say I have a particular stand out highlight as the whole journey from 18 year old me to where I am now has been crazy. It’s great being part of the originally small 7-person company that has grown into what we are today.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I’m hoping to continue the development of my management skills and to continue developing a specialism in the Science/Laboratory sector – it is very interesting and there is so much to learn in that field.

What one piece of advice would you give to a school leaver who was considering a future in this industry?

Go for it! The industry is not massively heard of when you leave school, however, once you’re in it there is such a wide range of pathways and specialisms to go down. You’ll always be learning something new. Be committed and show willing and you’ll soon be a key employee who can be trusted to get the job done.

If you could choose one superpower – what would it be?

I wouldn’t say no to being able to fly!


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