Meet Varanika, the first official Scotch Partners Apprentice

This time last year, we announced that Scotch Partners would be launching our official apprenticeship scheme after operating an informal approach to apprenticeships for the last 8 years. In September we welcomed our very first official apprentice to our team, Varanika Jeyapahan. Varanika joined us fresh from completing her A-levels and is now studying the HNC in Building Services Engineering at London Southbank university alongside working with our Mechanical and Electrical Engineering teams.  In celebration of National Apprenticeship week, we took the opportunity to chat with Varanika to find out how her first few months with Scotch has been and what her aspirations for the future are:

Hi Varanika, you joined the company back in September as our first ‘official’ apprentice. 5 months in, how are you finding it?

I have so far found my apprenticeship to be incredibly rewarding! I have been welcomed and supported by the team. By working with highly knowledgeable individuals, I have acquired additional knowledge and skills related to building services engineering.

How do you balance work with studying?

I have learned that your time is valuable so do not waste it. So far, I have found it helpful to block out time to complete tasks, whether it is work or studying notes for a class.

What skills have you gained or developed during your apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship has provided me with opportunities to strengthen my communication and organisational skills. It is also significant that I have acquired the skill of working with other people and taking responsibility in the workplace, as well as the ability to manage my finances, since I am being paid.

How has Scotch supported your development during your apprenticeship?  

To support my development, the company has provided me with a buddy, which allows me to ask questions and obtain advice from them. The support I receive from Lawrence, my Line Manager, and other staff members contributes significantly to my development of confidence.

What are your hopes for the future following your apprenticeship?

It is my hope that after completing my HNC apprenticeship, I will be able to successfully complete my degree in Building Service Engineering and become a Chartered Engineer. I also hope to continue to gain more experience and skills working with Scotch Partners.


If you are interested in finding out more about our Apprenticeship scheme, please contact Amanda Keightley-Pugh at

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