How smart is your building? – An intro to SmartScore

It wasn’t that long ago that the thought of being able to control room temperature, lighting, and even a washing machine from a mobile device whilst on the other side of the country seemed mind boggling, but with the introduction of the ‘Internet of Things’ and digitalization, these aren’t just futurist plans – they are happening now. Developers of offices and homes are demanding the latest technology to ensure that their smart buildings are not only creating a safe and comfortable environment for occupants, but they are also efficient and have an economical use of resources.

We caught up with one of our Electrical Engineers, Lawrence Bramall, to find out more about the ‘smartest’ way developers can gain accreditation for their clever buildings.

Can you tell us a little bit more about what SmartScore is?

It would be difficult to describe what SmartScore is without beginning with WiredScore. WiredScore was founded in New York in 2013. Driven by tenants need for better connectivity, it set out to improve New York’s technological infrastructure. In 2015, following the success in New York, WiredScore won the Greater London Authority’s tender to be the official Mayor of London’s Digital Connectivity Rating Scheme, leading WiredScore to launch in the UK. The scheme rates the quality of digital connectivity in offices, giving transparency to tenants and allowing landlords to improve their buildings. Scotch Partners have delivered a number of successful projects which have achieved the top tiers of accreditation under this scheme.

SmartScore is a younger accreditation, also by the WiredScore team. It focuses on the enablement and deployment of smart technology in buildings based on a landlord delivery to benefit building tenants and management.

The present uptake of this accreditation has mainly been focussed on office type buildings, but it’s core principles can be applied across many commercial building types.

How can Scotch Partners bring value to a project by using SmartScore?

It has always been a challenge to define what ‘smart’ means in buildings, but in simple terms, a ‘smart’ building is one that uses technology to best deliver it’s intended functions.

SmartScore sets out a flexible framework for delivering this smart functionality giving consideration to aspects of a smart building ranging from sustainability to cyber security, and much more.

SmartScore helps to provide a flexible, modern workplace with future-proof building systems capable of delivering on a huge range of tenant requirements. Data gathering via smart technology and integrated building systems can be used to optimize a building’s operational costs through management and energy savings, which in turn will reduce the whole-life carbon footprint of the building.

At Scotch Partners we have multiple accredited professionals trained in helping deliver SmartScore accredited buildings.

How can my building get a head-start on ‘smart’?

Whilst much of the SmartScore accreditation is oriented towards building data use and system integration, core to the spatial planning of a SmartScore accredited building are requirements not dissimilar to those forming a portion of the WiredScore accreditation, with considerations such as the resilience of ISP connectivity, and effective IT distribution within the building.

Developers, designers, landlords, tenants and consultants alike should be aware of the direction the industry is headed. Building users expect better controls and a smoother building journey. Building Managers need increased levels of visibility and control over the systems they administrate. We’re all becoming more tech savvy, and building users want to know that a workspace is capable delivering on their requirements from day one. SmartScore accreditation ensures that buildings are ready for an ever-advancing technological future… are you?

If you are interested in finding out more about smart buildings opportunities for your building, feel free to get in touch with me at

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