Leading the way in WELL Core (WELL v2)

‘Only four registered WELL Core buildings in the UK, two of which are Scotch Partners projects!’


At Scotch Partners we believe that it is essential that buildings are designed to not only be green and energy efficient but to also be healthy for occupants. Over the past 18 months our WELL Accredited Professional has been talking with our developer clients to help understand how wellbeing could be incorporated into building design and in particular their Commercial Shell and Core developments. The wellbeing agenda is primarily being driven by tenants and the facilities and indoor environmental quality that they expect spaces to provide them. Developers have a key role to play in this by ensuring that the base-build of buildings is designed with health and wellbeing in mind.

WELL Core (WELL v2) provides a pathway for CAT A developers to achieve WELL certification and facilitate future tenants and their health and wellbeing agendas. Since launching in May 2018, the current WELL database (Feb ’19) confirms that there are only four registered WELL Core buildings in the UK and we are pleased to say that two of which are our projects!

Designing healthy buildings is crucial and we are delighted that our developer clients share this view and are leading the way in designing buildings that enhance occupants’ health and wellbeing.

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