Residential / Mixed Use

Residential / Mixed Use Clients include:

The London residential sector continues to boom and as a London-based Practice we are involved in a number of residential and mixed-use schemes ranging from sites with multiple high-rise buildings to large single dwellings.

Scotch is experienced in maximising space in residential units whilst providing suitable environmental environments. Acoustics and sustainability aspirations are often set by Planners, but our aim is to incorporate best practice in each scheme, whether or not this is a requirement imposed by external parties.

On every project, we work with the Client and design team to seek out optimal design solutions in each of our capabilities. Our aim is to work collaboratively to identify and implement the best solutions for each scheme. The key drivers vary from project to project and so the chosen solutions may be different in each case.

Design drivers include;

  • Dwelling overheating
  • Centralised energy centres and district heating networks
  • Balance of beneficial solar gains and overheating
  • Avoiding the need for cooling
  • Planning conditions
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