World Environment Day 5th June 2020 #TimeForNature

Every year at Scotch Partners on 5th June we celebrate World Environment Day, an international day of environmental awareness that is now in its 46th year. The themes for World Environment Day are always topical, they break down topics to make them relatable and as such ones which we have the ability to make a difference. Following themes on plastic pollution and air pollution this World Environment Day, it’s Time for Nature.

The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature. This year, #TimeforNature, is challenging us to think about what we can and need to do to protect our planet.

It is impossible to write about WED this year without discussing the COVID-19 pandemic. In just a few months the busy and active lives we once took for granted have completely changed and we now find ourselves working from home and unable to do many of the activities we used to do in our free time. Having experienced several weeks where many of us could only leave the house once a day for a walk or run in the local area, we have discovered a new sense of appreciation for the natural world. We have turned to nature for comfort and stillness to help ease the anxieties and worries many of us are experiencing.

In our WED blog posts we would often aim to share our top tips on how to follow the relevant theme. However, this year feels different and instead we wanted to share our team’s stories about how nature has been helping them in this unsettling time. We at Scotch hope we can all emerge from this global pandemic with a greater appreciation for the benefits and beauty of nature so that we can ensure we continue to always make #TimeforNature.

Steve Hodkinson, Partner

During the lockdown our family has organised a sunflower growing competition. One of daughters sent us all seeds and now there is stiff competition to have the tallest by the end of the summer and hopefully the end of the lockdown! There are five families involved and my daughter who lives in Northumberland is currently in the lead but we’re hopeful that with careful nurturing the grandparents experience will shine and run for a big finish!

Monika Hricova, Mechanical Engineer

I feel really lucky that I live near Olympic Park. They did an amazing job here by creating lots of green spaces, meadows with wildflowers, mini forests, and wetlands with artificial lakes with different birds, waterfowl, and amphibians. Wandering through it feels like I am not in the city with almost 9 million people but somewhere in the countryside.

Jason Clouston, Acoustic Consultant

Lockdown has meant I’m spending more time with my dogs than I normally would. We used to get a dog walker in during the day so we would just do the quick morning and evening walks ourselves. Lockdown means we get to walk them all the time. So we’re getting some nice exercise and enjoying the countryside. I’ve discovered loads of lovely woods and fields close to my home that I would not have appreciated if lockdown hadn’t happened.

Katie Stubbenhagen, CAD Technician

Despite the world coming to a standstill, nature still finds a way. Grass keeps growing, flowers blooming and bees buzzing. The reduction of traffic noise on the roads seems to have amplified the beautiful sounds of birds tweeting and this was all on our doorstep going unnoticed because of how fast pace “normal life” can be. I hope this will teach us to all stay connected to the nature that is literally all around us, because it really demonstrates that sometimes the best things life can give are free!

Josh March, Electrical Engineer

I decided to move out of London for a few weeks and head back to my parents. I’ve really enjoyed having the open space available right at my doorstep. The added perk is I get to take the family dogs for long runs and walks which helps me clear my mind!

Imogen Christodoulou, Senior Sustainability Consultant

With a sudden switch to working from home full time, I have found indoor plants have made a huge difference to my wellbeing. Being in a flat with no garden it has been so important for me to try to bring nature indoors. This time has made me realise how much I need green spaces and how much joy birdsong in the morning can bring!

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